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easyGUI Graphical User Interface Tool.

Creating graphical user interfaces the easy way since 2004.

Graphical user interfaces for embedded systems created fast and efficiently. easyGUI supports virtually all color and monochrome displays, C compilers, and micro-controllers. easyGUI is your complete visual development system, offering an advanced screen handling system, comprehensive font system, full graphical library, and multi-lingual application support with optional Unicode mode for Asian and Middle-east languages.

What is easyGUI

easyGUI is a complete development system intended for creating the visual part of a modern display-based embedded system.

easyGUI will save precious development time, because much of the time-consuming development work on visual components are moved from traditional direct coding to an efficient visual PC application.

easyGUI is intended for pure embedded systems, meaning that the easyGUI graphical library, and all code and data produced by easyGUI are in plain C, linked to and fully controlled by your embedded application.

In traditional embedded development all coding is done directly in the C code of the target system. This approach is slow and cumbersome for graphical tasks, as a lot of trial and error is necessary before a satisfactory result is reached. easyGUI takes advantage of the PC as an excellent platform for graphical, or visual, applications. easyGUI moves the visual part of the target system programming from C coding to a visually oriented PC application.
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Data in the easyGUI application are handled in projects, where each project is set up for a specific display size, orientation, color depth, character mode (ANSI / Unicode), etc. Each easyGUI project is contained in a single file. Internally a relational database is used, for maximum efficiency and security, ensuring the highest possible standard for data safety.

Any number of easyGUI projects can be created under an easyGUI license. There is no royalties, neither per project nor per produced item.

The easyGUI application creates a number of c and h files, based on the data in the easyGUI project. These files, along with the easyGUI graphical library, the easyGUI display driver, and other target system source files, are compiled and linked into the finished target system binary file.

You will find further information on the easyGUI website.


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